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We are excited that you have come to this page! We are a family owned and operated business and we appreciate that you are interested in working with us!
We have a working culture that we are very proud of, and from what our staff have told us, they love working with and for us! I will tell you a little about us, and if you’re still interested, send us some information about yourself! Even if we may not have any positions right now, you will be the first we let know when we do.

We believe that we have quite a unique atmosphere and working environment. We are quite casual in the context that we all sit together, we all work together and we all laugh together, we are flexible and enjoy having a joke around with each other. While we all have different roles and requirements for our positions, we work together, so that if and when required we can lend a helping help to our friends.

There are many roles here, we receive endless phone calls and emails to respond to everyday, many drop in customers and we work on our social media and online presence daily. We have to measure customers plans and jobs, to establish quantities and we even get to feel like we’re interior designers at times, guiding uncertain customers on what is suitable for their areas. A lot of advice is given on how to lay, how to seal and how to clean products aswell. We have those who work in the warehouse who pack and sort through the stone in ensure only the best quality stone goes out. And we those who cut and alter the stone. And we all work together to make sure all of the above happens so the customer gets the best service, high quality stone and affordable prices.

Finding a new position for yourself can be a little scary and nerve wracking. There are so many uncertainties about what you need to learn and do, whether it is the right job for you, whether the people are friendly, but we will be here for each of the road bumps you may come across, and establish whether working in outdoor in design and tiling is the right fit for you.

If you believe working with us could interest you, send us a message with your resume and say hello. This can be sent to [email protected]