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Why Landscapers and Architects Love and Buy Natural Stone!

Why should one buy natural stone over artificial stone? Natural stone is durable, readily available and comes in an endless variety of textures and colors. No wonder it’s considered a darling among landscape architects and designers. For these reasons, and more, they often turn to natural stone when creating their designs, even when they have a wide range of materials at their disposal. Great design is often centered around the structures and patterns created by elements like stone work.

In order to create these beautiful patterns, the stones must be cut and shaped perfectly. With artificial stone, this can be very difficult as the concrete aggregate begins to show through as you chip away at each piece. With natural stone, cutting and shaping it is not only possible, it often unearths even more of the stone’s natural beauty.

Natural Stone taps into our need to feel grounded and safe. It is appreciated for its useful durability. Part of its appeal is that stone is a steadying, grounding force in a landscape. Often utilized for its rustic beauty and ability to be molded into many things, from a garden feature to a mosaic wall or a pathway around a quiet dry stream.

Landscapers and architects often use natural boulders cuts and stepping stones in projects because they’re great at handling grade changes in the garden. When well-placed they create interest and strength that no other material can match.

Natural stone is Abundant and Rich

Unlike other building materials that have to be fabricated or produced using harsh chemicals, natural stone is abundant in quantity, bountiful in colors and designs, and eco-friendly. Natural stone, as its name expresses, is just that: acquired from nature. Natural stone is a physically strong material and made to withstand the elements. It doesn’t tend to fade or change color over time, It wears beautifully and will continue to do so as it’s used and loved around the home. For clients who want to achieve an authentic, rich look, natural stone is the way to go.

As natural stone is extracted directly from the great outdoors, it allows for a landscape design to easily emulate nature, often creating the most serene space. When I designing, you want the spaces to exude both luxury and tranquility. Natural stone allows one to achieve that balance.

Since there is a range of natural stone options, from local quarries where one can source Bluestone or Stepping Stones to international sources such as Turkey for extraordinary Travertine, it can also be as affordable or extravagant as budgets and designs demand.

Natural stone is visually appealing in landscapes

The beauty that natural stone affords in projects is that the material is beautiful and can be used in so many different ways to create texture and interest. Sometimes finding that perfect stone can make the space come alive. Curving grass steps adds an elegant accent to a sloping garden.

An overriding theme among our experts on why they love using natural stone in their landscape design projects is it often allows artistic liberties unlike other types of materials or treatments available in the marketplace. From walls and flooring to water and garden features, natural stone allows a homeowner and designer the opportunity to experiment with using different types of stones within the landscape in unique ways.

Stone is a premium material and brings a higher value to the overall project. Client like the fact that it’s a natural material that makes a strong connection back to nature, and is something made from the earth, rather than man made and artificial.

Along with its ability to be formed into different shapes and sizes, as well as its obvious aesthetic appeal, natural stone is chosen by landscape architects and designers for its variety, wide range of price points and its unique power to enrich their designs.